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I'm looking for software that will produce a caricature from a photo. [mi]

I'd like the result to be recognizable as me. I'm willing to be generous in judging this criteria. And I'd like the result to look like a sketch and nothing like a photo. The solution can't require artistic sensibility (as in mr. potato head style generators) or technical expertise (as in uncompiled source or complicated photoshop/gimp manipulation) as I have neither. *Photo* *Click* *Caricature* I don't care how it works: gimp, web, windows OS... as long as it's idiot-proof.

The software obviously exists. I can find articles describing various technical improvements. In fact, several people seem to have done it as an undergraduate thesis. I just can't find any actual working software.

I looked at something called udrawface pro which comes up in search results but I can't coax it to draw anything remotely resembling my face. I downloaded the gimp so that I could follow the instructions in a couple sketchification tutorials. Sketchification would be a good first step but my sketches don't come out as well as the sketches in the tutorials and frankly those sketches aren't that great.

Thank you.
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Here's a good one that requires only very simple Photoshop manipulatin' and you can stop at the pencil sketch stage or go on to make a watercolor effect.
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A combination of the old PowerGoo plugin (still available as SuperGoo, although that appears to be standalone only) or whatever the built-in photoshop tool is called (melt?) to exaggerate certain features and the Microsoft Impressionist plugin (discontinued, although probably still available from warez sites) or sketcher should do the trick.

There is also Virtual Painter (available as standalone or plugin) but that specialises in creating paint effects, rather than sketches.
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melt liquify
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