Forlorn Lakes WA
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Has anyone been to the Forlorn Lakes in WA? Looking for hikes, etc. to do.

I will be up at the Forlorn Lakes Saturday (camping with some friends) and Sunday. I've never been there - and would like to find a decent hike, or some place to explore, etc. I have a SUV that I will go up there in so I can drive on rough roads.

For a hike, probably stick in the 6 to 10 mile day hike range. I'll come back and camp at a campground (haven't picked a spot yet).

Any information about the area - or links to websites would be GREAT! Thanks!
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I haven't done much hiking in that area so I can't recommend any specific trails or destinations (other than Mt. St. Helens, which I recommend highly if you can make it there), but here's a link to the US Forest Service's Gifford Pinchot National Forest website. There are lots of trails, maps, and other good information listed there.
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