Red lines from a projector when the iBook gets closed
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One of my professors uses an iBook and an LCD projector for her lectures. When she closes the lid of her iBook, red lines of varying lengths flitter across the right side of the projector screen, against a black background. What's going on?

Is this the digital equivalent of phosphenes?
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The solitary thing I despise about my Apple laptop is that it will not run without the lid open. The only exception is when the motherboard detects that you've plugged in an external monitor. The laptops are designed to cool so through the keyboard. With aluminium Powerbooks this is not too big of a problem for lid-closers, but for lexan iBooks you are screwed.

The creators of the life-saving Sleepless, which allows you to circumvent this limitation, reccomend against using it with iBooks or when doing anything which would ordinarily cause the fans to spin.

The lines are probably the result of the graphics card overheating.

I think the whole design stinks of Jobs' black turtleneck lint.

Thus ends the sermon.
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