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A few years ago I had bookmarked a website that had a very plain search feature that allowed you to search names of all sorts of geographical whathaveyou and gave a table complete with longitude and latitude coordinates. I believe this site was US-centric (might have been USGS but I looked and failed) although it was possible to search for anything, world-wide. Ring any bells?
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Best answer: The USGS has a Geographic Names Information System lookup form which seems to return a variety of types of things (cities, schools, radio towers, bodies of water, etc.).
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Google Squared lets you get results back in row and column format, and then add more columns to the result set.
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For just places there's the US Census Gazetteer, which just happened to be open in a tab in my browser as I saw this:

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Response by poster: letourneau: Dead on. Many thanks to you.
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