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I live in New York and my parents live in Sarasota, FL. There are two direct flights per day on JetBlue between JFK and SRQ. Is it possible to set up something up that would alert me whenever prices on these flights dropped below a certain amount?

I'd like to see my family a few times a year and am in no way tied to certain dates of travel. Some travel sites offer flexible travel for major cities but not for a city this size.

I specifically asked about JetBlue because they are currently the only airline offering direct flights on this route. I am also a member of JetBlue's TrueBlue reward program.
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Travelocity offers a service called FareWatcher for registered members that does precisely what you want. I haven't used it in some years, but it seemed that the emailed alerts were often delayed by a few hours, by which time the special fare was often sold out.
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I know that Trackle has a feature that allows you to track fares between certain cities and set an alert to notify you about fares that meet your criteria. Not sure if you can limit the carrier to JetBlue, though.
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Best answer: Kayak's fare tracker will do this. I've used it for several different trips before and it works very reliably.
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Response by poster: I had never heard of Kayak before, but after setting some preferences this does seem to answer my question. Thanks!
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Also, JetBlue is running flights from the SE up along the coast from now until December 16th starting at $29 one way, so maybe they could come visit you soon.
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That JetBlue sale is also good for flights departing from NYC. I was just browsing it the other day.
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Response by poster: For that JetBlue sale, is there any way to search by price rather that date on the JetBlue site?
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for extra notification, sign up for Airfarewatchdog's newsletter. you can put in a "From:" and "To:" selection and it will notify you when those fares are on sale. it works well for me.
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Visit Find the flights that suit your needs and click the track button. They will send you email alerts whenever the price changes.

Goto ITA Software QPX Matrix. You can find the cheapest flights over a 30 day period. But they don't have email alerts.
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