How to Write a Business Plan
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I'm looking for some freely available online business plan templates for a quasi-client who wants to start a training business catering to IT project management in government.

I've Googled around for business plan templates, but are there any ones that you particularly like or think are effective?

It would be great if the business plan example or template (or free, online how-to guide) is technical enough so that it can be applied to an entrepreneur wanting to start a consulting business (see above at the start of my question for a synopsis) to government's IT project managers.

In other words, my quasi-client may be turned off by business plans for flower shops and restaurants and dog walking services.

Thanks for your help!
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Response by poster: Here’s what I found

Mike Volker business plan basics (scroll down):

Mike Volker business plan guidelines (pdf pg #9):

BDC business plan template:

Industry Canada business plan planner:
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You can also get info from the SBC/SBDC in your area and/or online.

(Small Business Development Center)
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