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Say you've got a domain and a server, but the account didn't come with any POP3 setup. Assuming you're not going to abandon that hosting provider for one reason or another, what's the best 3rd party POP account provider? And is this a huge headache?
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If you've got a server, is there some reason you can't set it up as the MX and run an MTA and MDA on it? I'm pretty happy with Exim and plain old imapd, but the Courier stuff is popular, too. It's a little more work, but cheaper than outsourcing.
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Response by poster: By "got a server" I mean, you're leasing space on a server. Let's say you have no control over what they run on it...basically, my roommate has a site he uses for his photography business, and he keeps bugging me about being able to send mail from his domain, without using webmail.

I said POP. He says they don't offer it. And he's sticking with this host. I take it that your comment means there are companies that you can outsource this too, though...any suggestions?
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POP is a protocol which is generally used for receiving mail. If you want the ability to send from the domain, you should be inquiring about SMTP ability.
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Response by poster: ok, SMTP it is. Any suggestions?
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fastmail.fm is the right link.

Even their one-time-fee account lets you send mail through them. For $40 a year they'll use your domain for receivng mail too.
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If you get a yahoo.com.au or yahoo.co.uk account, you can get pop3 and smtp access for free if you sign up for "Yahoo Delivers" (low-volume, easily filtered Yahoo spam). This used to work for yahoo.com as well but they took it away a couple of years ago.

Using Yahoo this way also means you don't get their irritating commercial attached to the bottom of every outgoing mail.
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