Websites for interior and exterior house design?
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Best websites to help brainstorm on house architecture and interior design

Please suggest great sites that we can browse to help us pin down some interior and exterior house design ideas.

We live in the tropics (Colombia), its always warm, rains occasionally. The site is in a semi-wooded area.

We like Frank LLoyd Wright (interiors especially), also polished cement floors, high ceilings, wood, open plan. Practical, modern, sustainable/natural, informal would sum it up.

We also cook a lot, have frequent visitors, have 2 kids and a dog.

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Not sure it's exactly what you're looking for, but Design*Sponge is always good for inspiration, especially for the craftier side of things. They do some "sneak peeks" into people's houses too.

You might also enjoy looking into artsy people's homes at The Selby.
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MocoLoco and Dwell come to mind as places to browse for random "jump-offs" and brainstorms in the modern/contemporary realm, which seems to run with what you're describing.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a designer and may have missed the mark entirely. YMMV.
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Arch Daily was a favourite at the architect's office I use to work at.
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my fallback is apartment therapy. (they talk about sustainable/eco-friendly design, technology, kids, and cooking in their subsites.) tree hugger, trendir, and crib candy are interesting, but it helps if you already have an idea of what you're looking for. oh. and shelterrific.
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