iMac now, or later?
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Is there any reason for me NOT to go buy a new iMac today?

My current one is slowly asploding on me, and it's time for an upgrade. Last time I bought a Mac, Apple switched to Intel processors about 2 weeks later. I don't follow Apple news, but I'm sure some of you do. Are there any planned price reductions/new features/etc. coming in the bext few weeks (I will hold out another month at the most) that I should wait for? Or should I just go get me one?
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Best answer: Here's what the Buyers Guide has to say.
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Response by poster: That was quick. Thanks PinkSuperhero. Hello, new iMac.
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Best answer: New operating system ("Snow Leopard") expected in September, but buying now you'll qualify for the "up to date" program whereby it will only cost you $9.95 (+tax)
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(details here)
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Hah, I just asked myself this question just last night. I say go for it.
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Response by poster: Great tip, GJ, thanks.
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Late to the party but wanted to say I pulled the plug on my iMac last week. It had been ill for 1.5 years with bulging cap-itis and replacing the power supply twice and logic board once was as far as the Apple doctors were willing to go. Before burial, various organs were pulled for transplant. I've ordered a new computer. It will *not* be a cpu and monitor combined.

Temperature monitors are your friend.
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I'm typing on an iMac G5 that has been going strong for nearly five years. It did have a logic board and power supply replaced, but the LCD seems to be as good as new. I sympathize with TWinbrook8, but Apple took care of me and got this sucker fixed up twice!

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The current roadmap for Apple (and for desktop computing in general) is going to be "more of the same" for the forseeable future. We probably will see an increase in clock speed. We might see a quad-core iMac as an option next product cycle. Neither is likely to be as radical a change as the intel transition.
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