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Looking to jazz up my plain-jane homemade chocolate fudge. What are some creative and delicious ideas for fudge flavors and additives?

Lately, I've been getting into fudge-- or at least, getting as far as the Never Fail Fudge recipe from the back of the marshmallow fluff container. While I'm a fan of the nice easy, reliable chocolate version that produces, though, I'd like to start using the plain chocolate as a base for some more creative flavors, more like the sort of thing you'd find at a specialty fudge shop. I've done the classic chocolate-walnut, but so far haven't had the guts to try any other fruit/nut/candy additions.

So I'm looking for nominations for your most mouth-watering and/or unusual flavors of fudge. Ideally, I'd like to stick with chocolate-and-X types of flavors, but I guess I could be interested in other base flavors if there's anything particularly delectable out there. Also, bonus points if anyone can provide any hints on the logistics of adding stuff to fudge (e.g. what items are too wet/too dry/too melty, how and when to mix things in, etc.). Thanks!!
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ginger, chunks of it

maple syrup
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powdered red chile

bacon (seriously)
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Peanut butter. Chocolate and peanut butter together is a reasonable hand drawn facsimile of heaven on Earth.
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A local restaurant serves a chocolate cake made with a bit of cayenne pepper. Delicious in small amounts.
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I've seen chocolate bars with bits of freeze-dried fruits mixed in and they look divine. That would work well with fudge. Freeze-dried fruit is better than dehydrated fruit because it can crumble up into tiny pieces in the batter and it won't be firm and chewy in your fudge. The little flecks just dissolve on the tongue.
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People adore my fudge and when asked for my recipe, I smile mysteriously and claim an olde family secret. Actually, I use the recipes from Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk, most of which take under 10 minutes and can be made by an armchair on sedatives, as in this recipe for orange nut fudge (many more at that website).
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Replace the vanilla extract with stuff like orange, raspberry, or almond; I see mint and hazelnut mentioned above, and they're also tasty.
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cinnamon and chocolate is amazing
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Smashed up mint candies. We use candy canes around Christmas time.
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Use ~12 oz of white baker's chocolate(or a bag of white chips) instead of the semi-sweet that the recipe calls for. Or use milk chocolate for an extra-sweet, less dark style of fudge. As mentioned above, extracts can be added regardless of the type of chocolate you're using. Some of my bigger "hits" have been milk chocolate/mint fudge and white fudge with orange extract.
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So I'm looking for nominations
Bolded for emphasis. Mmm, fudge.

But constructively, strawberries and cream can work surprisingly well with fudge.
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Pistachio. Yummy, and green! What more can you ask for. I do advise you to spend a bit more on buying shelled pistachios though. Himself recently found to his cost that shelling pistachios is rather on the tedious side.
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Currently eating chocolate fudge with chunks of brownies on top and drizzled with caramel. Tomorrow I will be eating white chocolate fudge with cheesecake/cream cheese topped with pieces of cinnamon sugar graham crackers.
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Crush up those hard candy lemon drops and put them in. Very yummy!!!! Seriously, lemon and chocolate are even better than orange and chocolate.
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Adding peanut butter works really well. If you're gentle about it, it doesn't really taste like peanut butter but it makes the flavor richer and more complex.
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Rocky road fudge, with peanuts and mini-marshmallows is great. I'd recommend putting the crunchy/chewy toppings on the top of the fudge, instead of swirling it throughout, but that's because I like bark-like candy.
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I have made:

-peanut butter
-mint (creme de menthe works well)
-candy cane
-marachino cherries
-raspberry jam
-any nuts (I like to add almond extract and then use pecans, hazlenuts, and macadamia nuts)
-cayenne pepper

In fact, for a while I was selling fudge to classmates as college. I graduated so it's come to a screeching halt, but the website is still up if you want to look for ideas. What the Fudgery?! (This is not a sales pitch, as I am not selling, just a reference!)
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ancho chili powder, cinnamon and almonds.
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Seconding almond extract (at least in real fudge, may not work so well in the marshmallow-fluff kind).
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How about lavender fudge, or fudge with broken thin mints?
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Adding crasins makes for some awesome fudge. Add when you would nuts.
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Basil seeds.
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Seconding chopped-up candy canes. I learned how to make fudge just so I could have this particular combo more often.
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I made dark chocolate truffles with black pepper this weekend, a ripoff of truffles sold at Celestin in Toronto, which are black pepper and rose petal. To get the pepper flavour I simmered the peppercorns in the cream for the ganache. You could also just grind it. Szechuan peppercorns would also be lovely.

Beer could be interesting, you'd need a really thick dark porter probably.

Fennel seeds maybe.

Sea salt on top, yum! I love salty-sweet.
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