Whither Conan's "Roundball Rock" Segment
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Where can I find video of Conan's sketch about John Tesh's NBA theme music?

When NBC lost their NBA contract a number of years back, Conan O'Brien did a segment lamenting the loss of John Tesh's theme music "Roundball Rock". In the segment, they paired the music with various other pieces of video (e.g., It's a Wonderful Life) to humorous effect. I've always wanted to see this bit again, but have never been able to find it online. Is it available anywhere?
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I remember it well. This isn't it, but it's something!

FWIW, it's probably from this March 2002 episode.
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Response by poster: Are full episodes no longer available for Late Night with Conan? This page just loads a shiny yet non-interactive peacock for me.
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Looks like that's just the Tonight Show, unfortunately.
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Response by poster: D'oh. Here's the correct link. Still nothing there, though.
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