In Bauhaus Song, Lady Sells Her Soul for Rock Career -- Sample from Movie, or Self-Recorded?
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In the Bauhaus song "Party of the First Part", there is what sounds like a movie sampled wherein a woman sells her soul in exchange for a career in rock music.

Is this actually a sample from a movie, or did they just hire people to record it themselves? Googling isn't helping me.
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Best answer: It's from The Devil and Daniel Mouse. Also see the IMDB entry.

I'm still a goth at heart, yes I am.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks, bedhead. I've always wondered.

Plot Outline: When a young female mouse makes a deal with the devil to become a rock star and learns the price, her boyfriend has to help her avoid damnation

Is this a good movie? Worth renting?
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Well, the last time I saw it, I was 15 and, er, intoxicated, so my critical opinion might not be the most reliable thing ever. Now that you've reminded me how much I like that song, I'm going to go rent it again and watch it while I'm sober.
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Response by poster: Wait, Bauhaus is Goth? Ghasp!
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I saw it as a child. A small child. I can barely remember it, but I seem to recall that it (a) had fairly cheap animation and (b) was kinda creepy, being, as it was, a kiddy cartoon about satan. Also, I may be wrong about this but... I think the denouement involved one or both of the main characters singing a song.
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My girlfriend has a tape of the Oliver musical that her grandfather taped off of television for her when she was a very young child. Immediately following it is The Devil and Daniel Mouse. She tells me that as a young child, Oliver was her favorite thing to watch, but the cartoon would keep her up at night, since she saw it every time she watched the tape. It is QUITE a creepy cartoon.
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