Should a hot water pump be this noisy?
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Should a hot water pump be this noisy?

I just moved into a new space and noticed a loud noise coming from the utility closet. There's a black pump mounted on top of the water heater making this noise. It runs for a few minutes at a time after I use the hot water for a bit. Im guessing this is the recirculation pump.

This thing is loud. Several times louder than the main HVAC fan. More than Im comfortable with. Is this normal with a pump like this? Ive lived with water heaters in the unit before but dont recall ever having this problem. Thanks.
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Can you describe the noise, is it just a rythmic noise or is it grinding or rubbing?
Can you make a recording of it?

How big is the pump, I don't imagine it's very big but pumps in general are fairly noisy? Can you tell the model from a data plate?

Can you post a picture?

I spend too much time troubleshooting pumps
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The pump, if it is indeed the recirculating pump, should be well-nigh silent.
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I can provide a photo and model info later tonight. Not sure how I would describe it. It just sounds like a loud industrial motor, not really grinding or anything.
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Is the pump hooked up to the water heater's exhaust pipe, or to the actual water lines themselves? Some water heaters have an exhaust blower and they can be a bit noisy. Such a blower would run whenever the water heater's burner is running, which would occur from time to time anyway but especially after you've used hot water.
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Does it look anything like this?

If so, that's not a recirculation pump - that's the "power vent" that exhausts the combustion gases out of your home.

It shouldn't be terribly loud, but it could likely be a bit whiny/high pitched.

Are there multiple units in your building? You could ask a neighbour if they are experiencing the same thing.

If you're concerned, you should have somebody come look at it.
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Yep, its the power vent. Im starting to just get used to the noise. It runs loud, but Im not sure if thats worth justifying a service call. I'll just keep my eye on it for now. Thanks.
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