How to email full size photo attachments from iphoto 08?
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When using mail to email a photo as an attachment from iphoto 08, the photo is embedded in the email message and the picture is very small. When selecting the photo from the thumbnails I have selected full size but the picture is still small. I tried attaching the photos several different ways but the result is the same. What am I missing?
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The Mail window will also have a setting for resizing the attachment; is it possible that's set to small? It's in the bottom right of the window once iPhoto has created the new message.
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In Mail, are you seeing the little "Image Size" box in the lower right of the compose message with the "small, medium, actual size"? In iPhoto 09, it is as simple as Share ->Email->Actual size and it will fire up Mail with that setting. Although the photo is scaled to fit the screen in the compose message, the actual attachment is the full size. At least in Leopard. I thought it worked the exact same way in iPhoto 08 but it has been a while since I've used it.
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If none of the other solutions work, at the very least you could click and drag the image you would like to email to your desktop (effectively exporting it) and then dragging it to Mail. That would at least put the full resolution image on your desktop. If it doesn't work, then it's definitely a setting in Mail that's scaling your pictures.
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I never noticed the setting in the email to resize the picture. Thanks, fixed it!
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