What does Valcheck say in Polish at the end of S2 of the wire?
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What does Valcheck say in Polish in episode 12 of series 2 of The Wire? (Spoilers within)

I don't own the DVD's so I'm afraid I can't check the subtitles myself, but I found Valcheck's response to getting the photo of the van after Sobotka's death to be perhaps the most interesting moment for that character in the series, and I'd really like to know what it was he said there.

The internet has been surprisingly unhelpful on this matter so far, and AskMetafilter? You're my go too guy!

So does anyone have any idea what he says?
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it didn't get subtitled.
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Can you find a clip online? Or maybe tell us where in the episode (minutes, seconds) it is?
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The closest I can get to a clip is the full episode on megavideo, here, the scene starts at 54:54, and the Polish starts at 55:20 I think. It's just one short phrase, but I have no idea.
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He says "rest in peace."
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Thank you nasreddin! That makes a lot of sense!
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Written out, it's:

Odpoczywaj z pokoju
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mammary16: "Written out, it's:

Odpoczywaj z pokoju

Google Translate has that as "rest room" in English, which if it were correct would slightly ruin the poignancy of the moment.
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I don't speak Polish, but Google sez you're one letter off.
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nebulawindphone: Oops, that's right. Odpoczywaj w pokoju.

chorltonmeateater: Google translate is being literal - pokój can mean either "peace" or "room", and odpoczywaj is the imperative form of rest.
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It's "odpoczywaj w spokoju." Literally "Rest in calm/peace"
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