Help me torture my friends!
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YES! You have been waiting for this question ALL year! Last year you all helped me come up with ideas for the super successful Scavenger Hunt! Now we're back to try something new. Japanese Gameshow Olympics!

I am REALLY in the beginning stages of this. Trying to come up with ideas of how to orchestrate it as well as the events themselves. Any one put together an event like this? Thoughts?

So far I have deduced it to be a decathlon. 10 events, with teams vying for the ultimate prize....which I haven't figured out what it is yet.

The events I have found so far that I thought would be easy to do, competitive and cheap to make are listed below with videos to accompany. Any thoughts, ideas, comments are all duly appreciated. Sadly, I can't add much more as I haven't thought this thing through at all.

The group will be 20 and 30yr olds, and hopefully they will have no shame. I'll try to add more info as it comes to me.

the event ideas so far:

Silent Fear Factor

Marshmellow, pantyhose, and dizzy spin

So those are my 4 thoughts so far...
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Off the top of my head, I think the most important thing is that there be a pit of flour for losers to fall into, and/or that you make them speed eat mochi.
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Velcro wall? Bobbing for fish in ice water? Biting er... tails? off dangling squid? As you can see, all my ideas come from I Survived A Japanese Game Show.
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You could borrow an element of Ninja Warrior. The Quintuple Step seems like it wouldn't be too hard to replicate.
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you absolutely cannot hold Japanese Gameshow Olympics without sumo suits

if you don't wanna buy/rent the actual suits, track down a pile of foam mattress pads, wrap them around your biggest friend, duct-tape the crap out of them, and then poke holes for arms in the sides. you can then use spraypaint for accurate colouring, if you so choose.
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