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Creating custom quizzes, polls and surveys for a blog... your experiences?

I want to start putting more fun, interactive, and educational features on HiddenLA.com. I just tried putting a poll on there using the WP-polls plugin but I'm not sure I'm digging it so far. Is there a better application or plug-in that you use?

I would also like to do some really interesting quizzes, but so far I haven't found an application that is really great with customizing details. I started a few but was disappointed with the how results looked and never finished them.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you have. Thanks! :)
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My girlfriend recently used surveymonkey to do market research for a business she was setting up. I helped make the survey and it seemed pretty straightforward to use- not sure how customizable it is though, as we just stuck with the default look.
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Zoomerang. They want you to buy, but their free version is working well for my needs.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks!

What about for quizzes? I'd like them to be nicer looking than something you'd see on Facebook...
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My Studiyo

I found this on a previous Ask and I used it to create a birthday quiz for my boyfriend this year. Nicely customizable with pictures, logos, and video if you wish to utilize it. Also free, and embeddable.
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Response by poster: I tried it, but when I put formatting in and then I wanted to change a word, all the formatting was gone and I had to do it all over. I think I need to just make my quizzes simpler, maybe. I get all designy with 'em. 'Cuz that's my nature.
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