Anything except 'Antichrist'
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What should I and a friend see at the 20090Melbourne International Film Festival?

We have tickets to one film, which can be anything on the program except opening and closing nights, and special events. The program is here (Flash-based, sorry). There are so many films, it's making our heads hurt. Suggestions?
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Best answer: What sort of films do you like?

Go through the guide and maybe mark what you like. Then check IMDB and maybe check some blogs to try and figure out what interests you that might be good.

I've seen 4 so far.

In the Loop - excellent - will get a mainstream release soon.
Nord - OK, not brilliant though.
About Elly - disappointing, vaguely interesting but not gripping.
Tales from the Golden Age - Good fun, short and cool. It's the sort of thing I like though.

I'm going to see Red Riding 1974 and Maradona by Kusturica tonight. There will be short reviews on my blog. It's in my profile.
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I would go and see Fish Tank. I love gritty, Loach style films.
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Unless you're dead set on seeing a feature-length film, I recommend picking one of the shorts programmes (list starts on p. 52 of your catalogue). You'd get to see a wide variety of filmmaking styles from lots of different countries. It's like a tasting menu. And if you don't like one of the shorts, well, you only have to sit through 10 or 15 minutes or so until another one starts! And shorts often aren't available on the big screen outside of film festivals, so it would be a special film festival thing to do.

Ha ha, just noticed the title of your post. I am curious about Antichrist but am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to make it through the whole thing.
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Recommendations from a friend from the NZ festival (no doubt will have similar films):
"I have seen Moon, In The Loop, Ponyo, The Chaser, Big River Man, and Treeless Mountain. Moon and In the Loop are definitely the best of the bunch thus far." He also recommended We Live in Public.
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Response by poster: In the Loop it is - read the synopsis, and it sounded like it was in a similar vein as Burn After Reading, which we enjoyed.

Thanks everyone!
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