Acne scar treatment (in Vancouver, BC)
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Could anyone recommend a dermatologist near Vancouver, BC to deal with dense acne scarring? If you could share some first or second hand experiences of the treatment, that would be awesome too.

I'm asking for someone else. I too have acne scarring from my teens on my back, but it isn't that bad (or at least I don't think so).

His however is located almost entirely on the back of his upper arms and is densely packed and dark. He says it's gotten worse over the past few years, and is looking to get the scars removed or at least lightened considerably.

A place in Maple Ridge he's talked to is asking for a $250 consultation fee which can be applied towards whatever treatment/procedure he takes up with them. I'm not sure what to think about that.

Could anyone share recommendations? Success/horror stories? (And a minor question: what sort of cost is he looking at?) Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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He should talk to his GP about a referral to a dermatologist who is covered by MSP. Although there may be some things that are not covered, it's worth finding out what is covered first. If you're looking for someone good, look for a doc connected to one of the teaching hospitals, perhaps.
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Have you tried the itworkspaste intense scar gel? I've heard it had good reviews.
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