kermit with the green suit off goes on a bender
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naked old muppet gets drunk and nasty. where did i see that?

Sometime in the last decade or decade and a bit, a contemporary artist made a series of photos that featured a revolting puppet that looked like a naked hairless kermit - with bad roast chicken like skin - who appeared drunk and violent at a party.
I think one photo features him sharing a post coital bed with naked women, another might have him being restrained as he attempts to surge off the couch to confront somebody.

This photo came up in conversation last night, and perhaps not surprisingly "naked drunk muppet" yields unanticipated google results.

do you know these photos?
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Coping with Joshua?
posted by zamboni at 7:03 PM on July 27, 2009

Charlie White?

[how many creepy muppets are there and why are we fascinated by them?]
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Just the one, but he keeps coming back.
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well done!
damn wasted a question, ah well i'll have another in a week.
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Kermit singing Hurt?
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You might enjoy Meet the Feebles.
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Kermit himself isn't in this, per se, but what you're describing sounds a lot like "Meet the Feebles;" which has to be the most depraved, jaded, godawful-trainwreck-of-funny puppet movie ever. Drunken misdeeds, unsafe sex, fraud, disease, drug addiction: it's all in there. It's basically the anti-Muppets. You can find pieces of it on Youtube. My husband LOVES this movie and has his own copy. Ironically it was directed by Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings) - who'd a thunk.
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On preview, what box said.
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And if you get a chance, go see Avenue Q. The Internet is for Porn is a really great song. Video quality isn't so great, but you get the idea.

Sticks and stones, Kate Monster...
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z and j had it with charlie white, coping with joshua

thanks for the feebles suggestion, i'd always meant to see it, but never have.

i'm from the big island just to the left of new zealand, so i had actually taken my nephews to see peter jackson's horror sci fi "bad taste" when it was at the cinema.
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Not answering your question, but a related adult puppet cultural artifact: find some DVDs of the brilliant-but-cancelled U.S. tv show Greg The Bunny.
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