What can I do with an old G4 Mac that involves robots and cameras?
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What should I do with an old 450 MHz Sawtooth G4 Mac running OS X 10.2? Assume that it runs well as-is and that I have $100 to spend on accessories. Bonus points to answers involving robots (for which I don't have materials for) and/or digital cameras (for which I do).
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Really cool time lapse photography of clouds or yearly changes in a scene.

Motion detection of the sky or trees
"UFO" detection (tongue in cheek, but I've seen some interesting videos of meteors and birds)
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I use an old G4 tower with 10.4 as a file server / backup bucket. Sort of wasteful in a power-consumption sense, but the hardware was free. It's been running for, um... I dunno, six years now? I've only restarted it to do software updates.

And, funnily enough, I do have a webcam connected to it, in case I have the urge to check out the contents of my closet when I'm, like, overseas.

"Yup. Shoes are still there."
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Make it a sweet Apache Web Server
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