How to best deal with multiple Chinese suppliers?
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Looking for advice regarding Chinese imports. Importing products into New Zealand from a number of suppliers - is there a service that would act as an intermediary for me?

I have recently been approved for a capital grant in order to start a business designing and building audio gear. I want to ensure I'm purchasing the maximum amount of stock for the money I have. Most of the components I require are available in China for a fraction of the price I can get them here.* The problem is that I have to deal with numerous wholesalers, leading to inefficiencies in terms of freight cost, not to mention the language issues that come up with each new supplier.

The service I'm looking for would be an intermediary based in China that would act as a kind of a depot for me. This would be someone with good English that could take delivery of my orders from 10 different suppliers and send them over to me in one unit, meaning I'd pay the cheapest possible freight and import duties.

I'm generally a noob with all of this and terrified of blowing this opportunity by mis-spending my start-up capital, so any and all advice relating to dealing with suppliers and import issues would be appreciated.

*E.g. 3PDT footswitch: 100 units delivered for 170USD compared to 750USD locally
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PCH is a huge company that just that
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I think what you need is a Freight Forwarder. The range of services they offer varies, so I don't know how best you can find one that matches your particular needs and is affordable other than trawling the lists a bit.
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Might be worth looking at these two, for example. I can't vouch for them, but I have come across them (in the UK) and they're both big, long-established businesses.
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