Christmas gift quesiton CD burner
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Christmas gift: I'm looking for a good CD-burner for under $50. My friend's out of drive bays, so it needs to be external, preferably USB. Best Buy, CompUSA, etc. all charge full-price, so I know I can get a better deal on a few sites (Pricewatch, etc.) I'm just wondering if there's a good brand. My friend just wants to burn music, I don't need a DVD-burning feature or anything like that.
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Hows'bout something like this?
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oh sorry, didn't read the whole question. I believe Plextor and lite-on are supposed to be the best.
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Just check on NewEgg for a cheap brand. Looks like there's a decent Lite-On model for $23. I have a Lite-On myself and it's pretty decent. I'd stay away from the "no-name" brand ones.
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Awesome, someone else from work recommended the NewEgg site, and logging on I realized I had actually bought from them like four months ago. Gift ordered; problem solved.
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For others looking to solve the same issue - i now use external drive enclosures and buy internal components - HDs and Burners...

not for the non technical but it is cheaper and provides a simple way to backup systems ...(swapping HDs in and out of the external enclosure).
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