Please help me find Cyclus bags in the U.S.
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I've fallen in love with these bags, made in Colombia from used inner tubes. I love everything about them. I live in Austin and saw some recently at this local import store. However, they only had a couple in stock, both of which I think were too small for my laptop, plus there are some styles in the catalog which I love more. The lady I spoke to at the store was unsure if they were planning an order soon, if ever again. Apparently the Cyclus website is currently being refurbed, so I don't think I can order directly from the manufacturer. I did find a couple of sites which carry them, but none were in the U.S. Anyone know how I can get one of these in the States? Thanks in advance!
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I don't know anything about those bags but Alchemy makes similar.
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I would ask Whole Earth provisions, seeing that you are where you are.
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Best answer: You could try calling them (Skype will be pretty cheap). They've got a couple numbers on the back page of that catalog. Might help to find a friend that speaks Spanish, if you don't.
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