Italian wine shops in London?
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Where to buy wines from Italy's Piemonte region in London?

Where in London can I buy Barolo and Barbaresco and Dolcetto D'Alba wines? They're among my favorite wines but I can't seem to find a good wine shop that carries any kind of selection.

Is there a wine shop that carries a broad selection of Italian wines?
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Best answer: Berry Bros. & Rudd on St James's Street.

A quick search of their site brings up wines in all the areas you've mentioned. I've never actually been, but I'm planning to in the next few weeks. They come very highly regarded from several people I've spoken too, in addition to having a Royal Warrant from the Queen and the Prince of Wales. Not too shabby!
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Response by poster: I'll have to check it out. It does indeed look promising!
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Lea and Sandeman
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