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Who in your experience is the best online purveyor of good quality catnip that ships internationally?

Not looking for seeds, as an apartment dweller I have no way of cultivating them without my cats eating even the tiniest hint of greenery. Looking for merchandise that keeps for an extended period.
And please be assured (or disappointed) I'm defintily after the recreational substance for feline enjoyment only.
Apparently there are multiple Nepeta species that affect cats in this way, according this Wikipedia article a lot of Australian cats are immune to catnip. I'm in Oz but my cats are Russian Blues who did respond well to the no-name catnip I got them in the past. So if you can't recommend a reputable dealer but can weigh in on which plant would be the best choice, by all means.
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Best answer: I'm not sure if it ships internationally, but I got this catnip for my notoriously picky and previously catnip-hating maine coon and he went (and goes) insane for it. It stays for a loooong time in the canister, and it really is like magic. In my experience, it's the best catnip out there.
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Looks like this place sells Sojos stuff in Australia.
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Best answer: From the Field nip is great. There is a link on their site to online stores...
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Response by poster: Thanks for your responses. Marked both as best answer because I ended up ordering Sojos from one of the online stores linked to by From the Field (most of the stores listed do not ship to Australia).

The combined cost of the product and shipping was cheaper than ordering it from because they ship the stuff from the US and charge it straight through to the customer.

Although pethealthandnutritioncenter's international shipping options are confusing, their customer support was very helpful in sorting out the cheapest option for me.
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