Why does this farm field have a C.S.I. logo on it?
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Why is there a C.S.I. logo carved into this farmer's field?

It's got to be an attempt at a viral ad aimed at people taking off from Sea-Tac airport. But does anyone even notice it? I haven't been able to find anything online about it, but Google's shot may be a few years old.

I've noticed that some Target stores have a Target logo painted on top, which is pretty neat. Are there any other examples of aerial-view-only advertisements?
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Best answer: I used bing.com maps which allowed me to get a closer view. It appears to just be a themed maze for people to trek through. Farms near me in MD do these every year. Often doing different themes like Pirates, etc.
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On second look, google allows you to get close enough to see it's a map as well but the bing map managed to catch 35 possible map paying customer cars in the parking lot to the right.
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maze* paying customers. Man I'm tired =D
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Response by poster: A corn maze does make way more sense. I was distracted by the field's proximity to an airport, and by an episode of C.S.I. featuring crop circles.

Still interested in other crazy theories, of course.
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Best answer: It appears to be the Schilter Family Farm, they sell fruits, veggies, christmas trees and run a corn maze. If you do a google map search on their famr name, it brings you right to that csi maze.
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Best answer: Yeah, it's listed on this page of corn mazes on their site.
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"Corn Scene Investigation", heh.
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does anyone else see col sanders head in Rachel, NV at the intersection of old mill rd. and groom rd.?
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Hussmann building in St. Louis, MO
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Fulham Football Club do aerial advertising.
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Response by poster: And now it's gone!
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