Marijuana dispensary in austin?
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Is there a medical marijuana dispensary in austin texas?

A girl at my job who is usually wrong about everything seems to think that there is one, and that she has, through someone, purchased some very high quality mary jane from it. I don't believe this too be true for a moment, especially seeing as Texas is conservative (i know austin isn't really but the rest of the state, and thus most of our legislation is).

To clarify I'm not looking for said dispensary, i am not in need of marijuana of any quality, i was just curious to how this could be true in a state that does not have legal medical marijuana and more or less just want to satiate my desire to know that this girl is, as usual, wrong.
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Texas has no legal medical marijuana statutes.

So, by definition, there is no medical marijuana dispensary in Austin. There may, however, be a grow house or dealing operation. It may even claim to provide marijuana to sufferers of illness. But, it's not a medical marijuana dispensary because medical marijuana doesn't "exist" in Texas.
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If you have an iPhone...
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These are the states with medical marijuana programs. Texas is not on the list.
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Response by poster:
If you have an iPhone...

That FPP was actually what...wait for it...

sparked my interest in asking this question.

Like i said, she's always wrong.
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I heard an NPR podcast recently where they did a pretend-marijuana-was-legal story with an pretend interview with a REAL store in Austin that was now a pretend dispensary. I can't remember the name but it's a fairly famous comic book or something similar type of store with two locations - one on Ben White or Oltorf - sorry I can't remember the name. Despite numerous NPR notices throughout the story that it was fake I could see how someone might still think it was real with selective listening. Maybe this is where she got this. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the store. I think it started with an O or had an O in it and it had been a bit of an Austin institution for 30 plus years. Sorry for the lame details about the actual store. The O in my memory may even just be from the street name Oltorf.
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I found it: Oat Willies on Oltorf. NPR interviewed someone there for their pretend story about legalized marijuana and what life would be like if that were the case.
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