Help ID this tattoo on metal dude Kvarforth from Shining!
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What is this tattoo? - Nicklas Kvarforth, from the swedish metal band SHINING has a tattoo on his chest that I am trying to identify. Any tattooists or art aficionados may have seen this before - can you help?

I realize that this can also be a completely customized piece of work too, but I'm going on the chance that this may a copy of something that already exists. Anyway, the tattoo in question is the little skeleton dude on this chest - you can see it in any of the following photos: here, here, here and here.
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Given the "Three Empty Words: I ♥ U" business, and the diminutive size of the skeleton, I'd assume it's a skeleton Cupid, not a skeleton angel.
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I Googled "cherub skeleton" and the closest thing I found was an x-ray of an actual baby with skeleton wings photoshopped on. I didn't go that deep into Google, though, so the original inspiration for the tat, if it exists, might be in there somewhere. Doing image searches with words like "cherub", "cupid", "valentines", "eros", "baby angel", "skeleton", "dead", and "bones" might help.
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Best answer: It's the re-release cover art for the classic Manes - Under Ein Blodraud Maane. I have no idea who drew it, though.

Kvarforth guested for Manes this year, so there's obviously some connection there... hope this helps.
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Response by poster: excellent! thanks vorfeed! really appreciate your help!
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