For 75 bucks they'd better serve liquid gold
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Post-ComicConFilter: Best Sunday brunch in San Diego that's not the Hotel Del Coranado? Near downtown a plus. Views or unusual atmosphere doubleplus.
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I was always a big fan of Hash House. It's in Hillcrest on 5th (which is close to downtown.) It doesn't really have a nice view of anything, but the food is fantastic.

If you're willing to drive a bit further, The Cottage in La Jolla also has delicious food. They don't do an official brunch menu, but you can order off the breakfast or lunch menu. They have a nice patio out front for people watching while you eat, and then you're in La Jolla. Take a walk along the beach. Go see the seals before they kick them out.
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Bread & Cie in Hillcrest.
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Oh, you can also think about Extraordinary Desserts. I am not sure it offers brunch per se, but their desserts/pastry are indeed extraordinary and it has other food available as well.
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I don't have any specific recs with views, but here are a few places that are in or close to downtown: The Mission is at 12th and J St, which is near PETCO Park and within walking distance to the Convention Center. Cafe on Park (Park Ave and University) has some tasty pancakes and is a very short car hop up Park from downtown. Seconding The Hash House (5th and Pennsylvania). Portions at both HH and Cafe on Park are huge. The lines can be long, however, so if you go to either be prepared to wait.

I haven't tried Cafe Chloe (downtown, 9th and G St) yet, but a friend liked the Parisian cafe atmosphere and enjoyed their brunch menu immensely.

(Hm, brunch sounds really good right now.)
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I have lived in San Diego off and on since 2001 and I go back about once a month.

If you want ridiculously large portions served in a setting designed to evoke Indiana, go to Hash House A Go Go.

If you want La Jolla fancy, eat at Brockton Villa on the cove.

Cafe on Park, in Hillcrest, has really good Captain Crunch pancakes.

If you want touristy surfer breakfast with a long line, go to Kona's.

There's a good pancake house in Chula Vista and a franchise of the Original Pancake House on Convoy.

But every time I return to San Diego I make sure to eat at the Broken Yolk.

The best breakfast I've ever had downtown was a breakfast burrito from the little shack on the water near the Star of India. It was about $3.
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I've always found the San Diego Hilton Resort to be nice for brunch. As an added bonus, I happen to think the staff there to be consistently among the very best, always. Nice setting but not downtown. Easy to get to and from.
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I really love to go to the museum cafe at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla. Totally rad food, you can stop in at the small and really neat museum (though the cafe is worth the visit even without the museum), and get in some fantastic views of the beach (good for walking off delicious breakfast!).
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I came in here to suggest:
The Cottage
Broken Yolk

but see that others have beaten me to it so take this as a ditto for all these.
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Thanks everyone! The Hash House was perfect and close enough to the park for walking off the huge bacon waffles.
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