Body Shop "Leap" perfume
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Another perfume question: I figure it's a longshot, but does anyone remember the Body Shop's perfume called "Leap"? Apparently they don't make it (or sell it in Canada) anymore. Does anyone know where I could get some, or if it has been re-branded or co-opted by another store? Failing that, does anyone have any recommendations for something similar? Thanks.
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How about eBay?
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Response by poster: Wow, great catch, thanks a lot. I had been checking ebay for a while with no luck, and someone lists a bottle just 7 hours ago. Go figure. That raises another question. Does perfume expire after 4 years? And with my immediate needs being taken care of, anyone know any reliable future sources?

Thanks again!
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Oops - sorry about the double post above. You might also want to post something at the Fragrance Forum to try to find a future source, or to see if they have suggestions for similar scents!
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Scroll down on this page, and someone says "I love "balance" from Eddie Bauer and "Oceanus" and "Leap" from the Body Shop. Nice and light and fresh. But Leap is discontinued."
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According to my wife: If it has been in the light or high temperatures it certainly expires. Even then, after some years the quality deteriorates. If you're buying second hand, check that the package is still intact. There was an article dealing with your original question in this months "Real Simple" magazine. They gave some addresses where you could track down hard-to-find and out-of-production fragrances. One of them was the Fragrance Factory, you might give them a call. Creative Scent can actually reproduce your fragrance, if you're really desperate.
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Does perfume expire after 4 years?

Once you open the bottle, I'd say perfume begins to degrade the minute after you initiate the first application. But the usual lifespan for opened perfume before it turns is one year. You can probably push it one more year, however.

You also have to beware of stale, *unopened* perfume. I once made the mistake of buying DKNY perfume from a shady source through a friend's company store. Upon the first application, i could tell that the scent was completely stale and degraded. If your perfume is 4 years old (opened or unopened), it is most definitely, without a doubt: staler than four-year-old cracker.
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There is a Body Shop outlet in an outlet mall right off the QEW heading south to the US, about 20 minutes before you reach the border. I found their Tobacco Flower perfume there last year after it had been discontinued - at an awesome discount no less. I see you're in Toronto, so it wouldn't be too far away for you to look there and stock up if they have it.

If you ever come across Leap! perfume oil you could use it to mix up the perfume yourself. Or, like swordfishtrombones mentioned above (and I just gave the other perfume question a similar answer), if you're very attached to the scent you could pay to have someone recreate it for you or something similar enough to it (Google Answers listing of companies that provide this service).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help all. Much appreciated. I think I will visit that outlet store (I think I know the one), and check out some of the services suggested.
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