How to retrieve shares in UK company
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I recently discovered that I am a shareholder of a UK listed company, Anglo Asian Mining Company. I base this discovery on my recent receipt of proxy materials and notice of the annual shareholders meeting, which was held today. I realize the best way to retrieve or have replaced shares of stock in the United States is to contact the investor relations or financial department. This seems like a daunting challenge. Is this the best/only way for me to retrieve whatever number of shares I have in the UK?
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It looks like the registrars for the company are Capita in the UK. You could start by calling them and they should be able to help you with whatever you need. If you've lost your share certificate and are looking to get it replaced, they'll be able to send you a new one, though there will likely be a small charge to do so.
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I'm not 100% sure I understand the situation, but why would calling the investor relations department be daunting? I once had a job which involved making lots of calls to companies' investor relations department and usually found those folks to be very helpful. Granted, this was all in the U.S., but I'd be surprised if a British company was much different. (And at least you'll know that the folks on the other end will speak English!)

As for making the call itself, if you don't have a good international calling plan, you can probably find a phone card of some sort that lets you make pretty cheap calls to the UK.
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