Morae for OS X?
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Is there an equivalent to Techsmith's Morae for OS X?

I will consider running Morae on a Mac through Parallels or some such as a last resort, but was wondering if there was something similar that was OS X-native.

Just screen capture won't do, I want screen capture + audio recording + keyboard and mouse activity logging.
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I believe Snapz Pro covers the request. I've been using Screenflow since it was released and I believe it will work as well and has an interface similar to iMovie for editing.

There are quite a few competitors in the market, but these are the only two that came to mind.
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There was a lot of hype a few months back about Silverback. Haven't used it myself, though.
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Response by poster: I would like the whole suite of capabilities that Morae provides. Both Snapz Pro and Silverback lack keyboard and mouse activity logging.
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The best solution may be to use something like Silverback and Snapz Pro for the first two activities and then use a different program for keyboard and mouse activity logging. I found this one with a quick Google, I hope you can find one that works for you.

Also, look closer at Silverback, I saw features in the demonstration on that page that looked suspiciously like keyboard and mouse activity logging. You would know best if that isn't actually what you wanted, though.
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Best answer: I love ScreenFlow, along with most everybody (it even looks like the Silverback video was captured with it, but perhaps not…). It includes a very nice editor for adding text, zooming and highlighting effects, as well as all the capture functions you list. For a bit less $$, consider IShowU HD Pro. Link is to a video demo, which shows mouse clicks are recorded; feature list here. No editor included.
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