I need a locked slideshow!
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I need a mac software solution for this: photo slide show on external monitor (a projector) while the computer is locked

Here's the deal: My brother is soon getting married, and he asked his techie younger brother to help him. He'd like to project photos shot earlier during the ceremony, and add some throughout the night. I have an 17" imac with a dvi out, but I'd use the dva-to-vga adaptor because it's a relatively old projector (with native XGA output). I'd like to find (1) a good slide show software that would allow me to stop, add photos, and restart, and that can be set to play on external monitor, and (2) a way to lock the computer while the slide show is live. I don't mind paying for good softwares (up to $50-60?).

I don't think iPhoto or Picasa could do (1), and I'm afraid full-screen Quick Look would be interrupted as soon as I try to lock the computer (or click anywhere for that matter).
Am I missing something obvious?
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Yeah, you can set up a password-locked slide show pointing to a particular folder from the screensaver preferences panel.
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Response by poster: Thanks Oktober, I thought of that, but I was looking for a solution that would not quit the slide-show as soon as someone touches the mouse...
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Disconnect the mouse and keyboard while the slideshow is running.

Reconnect them when you want to add more pictures.
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Is it a requirement that you be able to add new photos seamlessly, without disturbing the slideshow that's playing on the projector? If not, why not just set your iMac to mirror the 2nd display and use iPhoto's slideshow. If yes, could you just blank/freeze the projector's image while adding photos?

Are you locking the computer against well-intentioned-but-drunk guests, or outright malicious people? If the former, unplugging the keyboard/mouse seems to be a decent solution. Also, could you see if there's a secure place to put the computer in the venue?
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Response by poster: Yes, Alterscape, I'm mostly doing it to avoid some random "hey, I'll check my email" (plus this is my home computer so I don't want anyone using it but me!). The placement is pretty much determined by the projector, but then I might use Picasa and simply hide the mouse and keyboard (tks dbiedny), and then use the money I saved to get a vga extension cable... Other solutions are welcome!
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