Firefox font troubles.
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Firefox (3.5) keeps changing the fonts on me. I need larger than average fonts to see clearly and it keeps resetting back to no minimum size and checking the "allow sites to use their own fonts" box. How do I fix this?

It first only did this each time I started the browser but if I reset them to my chosen options it would stay no matter how many tabs I opened. Now each time I open a tab it resets back to default and I end up with tiny fonts that I strain to see.

Also any idea on what an optimum font/font size would be for a 21" widescreen monitor so that I don't have to lean into the screen to see. Not sure if that can be figured out without having my eyes though.
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Best answer: NoSquint (link to 3.5-compatible version further down the page)
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Best answer: I really recommend the cleartype fonts like Calibri, but we've had this discussion before and I'm in the minority on that.

I'm no real help other than to remind you that holding down control and rolling the mousewheel up and down increases font size for you on any page in FF.
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Response by poster: Calibri and NoSquint really seem to help. I was having a hard time picking a font that is readable as I know next to nothing about fonts and was tired of going through the list.

Thanks for the tip about ctrl + mousewheel. I forgot about that.

Does anyone know what the default font on metafilter is supposed to be anyway?
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