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I'm looking for your favorite blogs about things to do in or around the twin cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) or in Minnesota in general.

In Los Angeles, I read Eating L.A., which is about restaurants around town, and Big Orange Landmarks, which is done by a guy who travels around to all the places on the National Historic Register and takes photos. It hasn't been updated in awhile but the archives are still great. This guy chronicles his walks around Los Angeles' various neighborhoods and his road trips.

So I'm looking for blogs along those lines (or loosely related), but about Minnesota. Or if you have any ideas of google terms I should search for or other jumping-off points, those would be helpful too!
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It's not about The Cities, but I keep up with Perfect Duluth Day, a community blog.
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City Pages has lots of TC centric blogs and
Metblogs has an active Minneapolis blog.
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Heavy Table looks good to me from 1200 miles away: They should have some good outbound links there, too.

Also possibly this:

Have you considered a feed of new geocaches in the area It would at least give you pointers to spots that people are going when they want to get out of the house.
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seconding city pages, it's the go-to page for any event, eatery, or show in the area

and for the more recent knock-off, you can check out vitamn
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Here's the best of my Minnesota RSS feed, in reverse alphabetical order:

Twin City Sidewalks (by a local geography grad student)
The Heavy Table (awesome food, awesome pictures, awesome news)
Stuff about Minneapolis (wonderful historical photos and tidbits about lost Minneapolis)
South 12th (hilarious South Minneapolis pride from a transplanted Kentuckian)
Roadguy (by a Star Tribune transportation writer)
Overheard in MPLS
MPLS Crime Watch
Dumpy Strip Malls (watch the suburbs decay)
Dear Dara (my favorite local food writer, now writing for Minnesota Monthly magazine)
Chow & Again (by Andrew Zimmern -- it's mostly local, usually incendiary)

Oddly enough, my favorites are pretty much also in reverse alphabetical order.
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Adding my two cents a few days late...

I'd second Secrets of the City and CityPages. I'd also add:

We Got Served - a great restaurant blog
Twin Cities EcoMetro - "Green" things to do in Mpls/St. Paul. Has a weekly blog post with activities taking place that week, plus other interesting articles.
MinnPost - interesting and in-depth local news and commentary.
St. Paul Staycation - newer blog listing things to do in and around St. Paul (attractions, restaurants, etc).
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