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I'm looking for a Firefox add-on that would open a note pad into a new tab.

I tend to write in a program called Notetab Plus. But I'll write a couple minutes, my mind wanders, and then I'm checking e-mail and surfing the web. Eventually I save my work and close out the writing program because I get irrationally annoyed at running a browser and another program.

What I'd like is just a plain note pad add-on that would throw up a tab to type away in. Then I could go do something else and come back to the writing. I think I'd be more productive.

I know I could just open something like Google docs in a tab and then protect the tab. But I don't want Google docs. I just want a little notepad. A big blank tab that I can just write in.

I've tried searching through the add-ons, but I'm not seeing anything like this. Maybe you know of an add-on, though, or something like it?
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Not an add-in, and closer to your Google Docs idea, but you could just create a local html file with nothing but a form field, and have that load in a tab. You won't be able to save or anything, but it'll fulfill your other requirements really well.
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Best answer: QuickNote?
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Response by poster: I kind of want to save my work. Thanks, though.
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Response by poster: Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted.
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If you find yourself on a browser that doesn't have the ability to have extensions (work computer, friend's computer, etc.), you might want to check out Writer during that browsing session.
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