Finding a new reflecting pool
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Once upon a time I found myself in an amazing chat room where people actually discussed spirituality, politics, dreams, ologies etc...and did so in a respectful manner. This room was very engaging, challenging and inspiring and I am searching for a new discussion group or chat room that is similar in its dynamic. Any suggestions?
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I remember being in such a forum a while back as well, and I miss it. If there aren't any good links provided in this thread, I'll put up a forum on my website and we'll see if we can get one started. :)
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Response by poster: The room was on talk city I believe and this was back in 99-00. It was called the reflecting pool and then spirit-pool.
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Best answer: There are a couple places I know of (and frequent):

Democratic Underground has an "Astrology, Spirituality and Alternative Healing" forum that has very interesting conversations. It's small and a nice community. I like it there a lot.

You might also like Spiritual Forums - don't know if they have a chat room, per say but lots of areas there for discussions.

I'm not a big fan of Steve Pavlina but his wife, Erin, is very cool and together they run a forum here.

Hope this gives you a starting point. :)
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The Village of Lothlorien is a great pagan/spirituality forum.
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I find the posts and comment threads on Slacktivist to be welcoming and spiritually eclectic. Slacktivist himself is an evangelical Christian - of the nicest most open-minded kind, and I'm speaking as someone at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from him. The weekly discussions of his dissection of the 'Left Behind' series are particularly interesting on religion, ethics, art etc. There are pagans, atheists and Christians as well as a smattering from other religious traditions.
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I hear great things about the community at Beliefnet (though I am not a part of it myself).
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