Scary kids' show with a monster in the bed?
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My brother is trying to locate a kids' show/movie from the late 90s involving a monster that moves through a child's bed.

It would have aired in either 1998 or 1999, and my brother is pretty sure it wasn't an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark (plus, Wikipedia's list of episodes doesn't contain anything that meets his description).

All he remembers is that the monster looked sort of like Swamp Thing, and that it had a necklace made of the toys and bones of its conquests. He thinks the protagonist of the story was a young boy with an older brother.

Our information is vague enough that Google hasn't been much help.
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Little Monsters?
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Yeah I logged on just to suggest Little Monsters
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Response by poster: Don't think it could have been Little Monsters.

I probably should have mentioned that it was definitely supposed to be scary. The monster was trying to eat or otherwise hurt the kid.
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Do any of the examples listed here sound like the right one?
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It sounds a bit like an episode of Tales From the Darkside called Monsters in My Room. It's from the 80's, though. And there's a stepfather, not a big brother. Here's a clip with the necklace-wearing monster (and a young Seth Green).
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Response by poster: That Tales from the Darkside episode does seem similar.

I can't find much corroborating information, but this YahooAnswers thread suggests that he might be remembering a Nickelodeon pilot called Skwid Zone.
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