Are there any programs like Tofu for Windows?
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Are there any programs like Tofu for Windows?

I use the wonderful reader Tofu at home, but when I'm catching up on my news reading during worktime breaks, I am sadly Tofu-less. I'm not the most savvy Windows user, but thus far my Googling for an equivalent has been fruitless. (Ideally, such a program would also be lightweight and free.)

Hope me, MeFites! My aching eyes thank you.
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There's the Readability bookmarklet, which works right inside your browser.
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Seconding readability. Doesn't work on every web page, but most news stories and longer articles work great.
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Readability works wonderfully, echo target! Thanks!
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Stanza on a Macbook gives you the same column based display as Tofu does. Stanza is also available for Windows, so one would think that it has the same functionality, but I haven't tried it on the Windows platform.
Before 2004 or so, the International Herald Tribune displayed articles this way on their web page, but now they simply follow the New York Times.
You could also define a landscape size page with columns in a word processor and import the file. Tofu and Stanza read pdf's directly, you may or may not be able to import pdf's into a word processor. If you have a full copy of Acrobat you can export to rtf, which all word processors can read.
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