Churches with weekday services near Westborough, MA?
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Does anyone know of churches with weekday services in the Boston Suburbs (Westborough/Southborough/Shrewsbury/Framingham/Natick, etc) area?
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Do you care what denomination? St. Bridget's in Framingham has daily mass.
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Yeah, you're going to have to give us more than that. Catholic parishes and many Episcopal/Anglican ones have a service every day, usually first thing in the morning, but sometimes evensong as well. Like, throw a rock in any direction on any given day and you'll hit a church with a service that day.

As to other Protestant churches... can you narrow things down at least a little? But for starters, most non-Anglican Protestant churches that do have weekday services tend to limit things to Wednesday. Just tradition. If you're looking for something on a day other than Wednesday or Sunday, Catholic/Orthodox/Anglican is probably your best bet.
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Yeah, I wasn't thinking. Sorry about that. No Catholic churches (I could find that on my own, probably)- pretty much any protestant or nondenominational churches are good at this point. Nothing Orthodox, though.
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The only interdenominational Protestant church that I know in that area is the First Community Church in Southborough. They only have Sunday services, but if you called the pastor, he might be able to recommend another church with weekday services.

No Catholic churches...Nothing Orthodox, though

The Orthodox Communion is a Catholic church--it is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or with the Vatican, being an episcopal Catholic rite. So, yeah, if you're looking for a Protestant church, Orthodox churches will not meet your needs. (The Orthodox Communion is the second-largest Christian denomination worldwide after the Roman Catholic Church, btw.)
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I drive through Marlborough, Southborough, and Westborough multiple times daily (its my commute). Asides from a few special events there are very few churches where I see any activity during the week. I googled and confirmed on several church websites for Marlborough and Southborough and that there were no stated formalized services. However, it looks like there is a Wednesday service in Natick at the Natick church of Christ, as well as a some seemingly less formal, but active prayer meetings at the Evengelical Congregational Church in Westborough.
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