Ever heard of Twine Time?
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Help me identify a Texas Hill Country live music venue.

Around the summer of 2000 or 2001 a friend took me to an obscure beer joint that had some outstanding singer/songwriter performances. I think it was somewhere around Wimberly or New Braunfels, and I'd like to go there again sometime. They recorded the performances (they mic'd the audience as well) and posted them online. I think it was called "Twine Time" (I'm aware that there's a KUT show by the same name; I'm almost positive this was called Twine Time as well), and searching for "twine time live music austin" etc just brings results for the radio show. This has nothing to do with KUT.

Things I think I remember:

Wooden floors. The place had the ambiance of the Gruene Dance Hall, but smaller.
They had a small cover charge that went to the artists, but they also sold a membership card that you could buy to either get you in for free in the future, or to knock a couple of bucks off the cover.
They recorded the performances and later posted them online, where you could stream them.
Notably, they spent a lot of time setting up microphones to record the audience's applause. They noted that this is a small venue, but the way they'd record it they would make it sound like there were a million people clapping.
We spent a little time in Gruene and/or Wimberly before we ended up there, so it's probably within a three hour radius.
The place reminded me of an ancient ice house. I'm pretty sure that's what it originally was.
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Best answer: I searched and searched, but have never been to Texas, so would you recognize it from a list of Texas Honky Tonk Dance Halls I found?

*loves western swing*
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Response by poster: Thanks for that link! I don't see it listed at first glance.

My wife thinks this may have been in Niederwald.
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Response by poster: From goml's link:

It's the fucking Freiheit Country Store!
Established: 1889
2157 FM 1101 off Hwy 46 East
3/4 miles from New Braunfels (5 minutes off I-35)

The online radio show was Humble Time, not Twine Time.

"Humble Time Radio Show is recorded here each Saturday highlighting local unknown as well as known talent. It's a great experience to attend. Owners Shorty and Rosie Haas are a great couple worth the stop just to talk to, and it's only 5 minutes off busy I-35. Cold, cold beer and good food. Geronimo TreviƱo performed Live here on May 24, 1997."
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Response by poster: Damn, it looks like the Humble Time website is dead. Here's more info on Humble Time* though. It's still broadcast via radio, but I'm not finding it online anymore.
*begins research for possible FPP
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And I almost deleted/didn't post my answer figuring I didn't really answer your question, just gave you a list which I thought you probably had already seen. So.. YAY!

If I ever make it to Texas will you and the Mrs. take me out two-steppin'?
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Response by poster: You see, people? When in doubt, press submit. Post 'em all and let Jessamyn sort 'em out. Or whatever.

I don't two-step. I'm pretty sure my wife doesn't, either, but with enough beer or wine we can be persuaded to make fools of ourselves. This wasn't really a two-step kinda joint. More like a dude with an acoustic guitar, a stool, and Shiners on every table. Good times though.
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Check out Floore's if you get a chance!
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