Forgotten picture book about the transformation of a neighborhood
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A question from the Mojodaughter regarding a forgotten children's picture book : "The book begins with a with a street full of houses that all look the same, until one day a bird drops a can of paint onto the roof of a man's house...

"... This inspires him to paint his house in many vibrant colors, invoking the wrath of his neighbors who want to keep the calm monotony of the street with houses all the same. One by one, however, the owners of the houses on the street paint/re-design their houses into something that represents their favorite things/dreams (I think one had something to do with a sea/a boat)."
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The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Pinkwater.
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Definitely The Big Orange Splot... it was basically a bible in my family :)
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You can hear it being read here. I love this book so much.
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Mojodaughter sez "Thanks, all."
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