Too much coffee makes my stomach cry.
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Caffeinated candy suggestions? Please help me find the Blitz mints I want.

I love Blitz mints. They come in a packs of 8, in a blister pack with a reflective silver cardboard sleeve. All I can find is the gum (nasty); I'm looking for the mints (sweet and tasty).

The mints look sort of like Tums: thick, dime-sized, powdery, round tablets. I found them at a 7-11 in Toronto and bought every pack in the store, but they haven't re-stocked, and I can't even find an image of them online. Even the Blitz website makes no mention of the mints, only the gum or the tiny hard mints. I want the big chewable powdery ones.

Anyone know where I can find more?
Or, (sigh) what other caffeinated mints I should try? Bonus points if I can find them in a store in downtown Toronto.

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I don't know about Toronto, but I love myself some Penguins, and I can usually find them in the 7-11.
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think geek

they only have the blitz gum - but they carry a lot of other caffeine candy. i enjoy the penguin mints.
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it also looks like diabetic friendly sells the mints online.
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ohh - but diabetic friendly only has the powdery ones. sorry.
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Response by poster: To clarify, the big powdery ones are the ones I want. But yeah, Diabetic-Friendly has the wrong ones. Thanks though, nadawi!
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Did the package look like this?
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It's been many years, but I seem to recall Penguin Mints being basically caffeinated Altoids.
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Response by poster: Here's a response I got via MeMail:

Try Foosh. If you just put them under your tongue instead of actively sucking them, they can last upwards of 30-45 minutes, for example, on the car ride to work (when I used to commute 45 minutes). What I love about them is, since you're absorbing the caffeine sublingually, it's much more controlled, and not a huge burst all at once. But you probably already know about that having experience with the Blitz.

Bonus: I think they taste great. I've had a lot of gums and a couple mints that definitely tasted like caffeine, and I don't taste any of that in these whatsoever. Also, a tin of 12 (each is about 1 1/4 Redbull - 100mg caffeine) is about the price of one 5 hour or two Redbulls. Can't beat those numbers. The other thing is, every caffeinated product has made me crash at some point, except these, and maybe 5 hour energy. Though with 5 hour energy I guess it has happened, just very rarely. These are pretty stable for me, probably because of the slow release.
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