Radical lefty sightseeing in The Bay Area?
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Fun things for a lefty to do whilenon San Francisco for a few days?

I'm in the bay area for the next few days and would like to check out some fun radical spots. Either in SF, Berkeley, Oakland or the surrounding area. I have a car. If it matters, I'm here until Thursday.

Bonus points for anything having to do with labor activism.
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I was racking my brain there for a minute for left-handed activities in SF, then I read the rest of your post. D'oh!

There's always the Holt Labor Library on Geary.
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Not strictly left wing, but there's a decent anarchist bookstore in the Haight .
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Coit tower, definitely. The murals are beautiful.
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This month is Laborfest.
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You should go check out City Lights Books - they have a pretty awesome selection of everything, including a lot of lefty books. But it's really just a great SF landmark.
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Response by poster: typo in the question, sorry. that should be "to do while in San Francisco" of course.
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Yeah, lots of fun free history tours with Laborfest this week.
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Here are some tours, including a lot of labor-related ones. Here's a list of events: go to a talk, a protest, or a meeting.
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Well, actually, not so much between today and Thursday, which is really too bad. I went on the Bay Bridge tour on Sunday, and it was quite good. You might browse the site and look for things you'd want to visit on your own.

So Coit Tower is worthwhile, you might enjoy a drive out to the Rosie The Riveter National Park in Richmond. Not heavy on the labor overtones, but important nonetheless. The Oakland General Strike is an interesting event, but not much to look at downtown without a tour. The Tribune Tower still exists.

Living New Deal has a map of local projects you might want to visit.
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(referring to my previous comment about laborfest)
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oneirodynia - you were on the bridge tour?! Which person were you!?

OP - some ideas: Found SF (for neighborhoods to explore to soak up the radical history), the main library has an exhibit on the General Strike of '34 up now, Modern Times Bookstore, Marcus Books, The Long Haul in Berkeley, IndyBay event calendar - that's all that's coming to mind at the moment but if I dredge up more I'll check back in.
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