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BigFatFavorFilter: one of my close family members has a photo in the calendar insert of the New Yorker (Dec. 13 issue). The calendars apparently only go to subscribers, though, so I can't acquire it from a newsstand issue. Would anybody be willing to send me their copy of the calendar insert? Please comment -- I'll email you with a mailing address -- and I can reimburse you a couple bucks for postage, too.

(If I could get three copies, all told, I'd be supremely thrilled.) And: thank you, and thank you from my mom!
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You should contact the magazine directly. Most expect such requests and would not bat an eye at shipping you three copies. From my experience there is an unwritten rule among major magazines entitling anyone published in such magazine to a couple of copies.
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Which picture is it?

Isn't the calender section sponsored by hp? Maybe you could get something from them.

I can send you mine, unless my wife wants it.
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Response by poster: Hmm, HP's site seems to not be helpful. (I own an HP computer and can never find *any* helpful information on their site, come to think of it . .) I am doubtful about trying to snag some copies directly from the New Yorker folks, but maybe they would be nice to me? alball, my uncle's photo is apparently ruling the month of March and the calendar-cover.
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New Yorker would most likely be very open to sending you some copies when you tell them it's your uncle and that they're for the family.
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I can send mine if The New Yorker doesn't pull through for you. (It's in good but "I've-been-carrying-it-in-my-bag" condition.) That's a lovely picture!
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Not sure where mine went, but shoot me an email. If I can find it, it's yours.
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My Dec. 13th issue just arrived. I've gone through it page by page, but there's no calendar! Am I missing something? Was it supposed to be attached inside? I must be that my neighbors are still fucking with me. I mean, earlier this week they called the cops the day our car registration expired, and the day after that, but...
And I was all set to send it to you if I could find it.
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I've got it and can send it.

It's a damn good picture, by the way. How did it get from your uncle to the New Yorker?

(And I don't understand HP's "tip" on the May page -- shooting at midday makes for smaller shadows, not longer ones.)
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Same here, sophie.

Have the Dec 13th New Yorker. Don't have the calendar. However, I'm on the West Coast; maybe it was only sent to locals?

If I can find it, I can also send mine.
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I have the calendar in mine. My e-mail is in my profile. Drop me a line if you still need one.
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Ugh. Just ripped mine out and tossed it yesterday.
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I've got one. If you need one more, send me an email.
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I got mine, spinifex23, here in san francisco. I'm also willing to send you mine oldtimey. Use my same username at gmail.
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I guess it's an evil conspiracy then, by The Man.

*dons tinfoil hat*

Wish I would have received one so I could send it on. Maybe next time. If The Man allows it, that is.
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No insert here in Asheville. Hmmmmm. And I know it's not the neighbors. . I guess it was aliens after all.
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Response by poster: You guys put the "perfect" in "perfect strangers" -- thank you so much. (My mom was VERY excited when I hinted that a calendar may be turning up for her . . .) Vidiot, I think the whole calendar was the result of a photo contest. How goofy that it materialized for some people but not others! Regardless, I'm doing the Snoopy happy-dance. If anyone ever needs any, uh, rarities or desirables from the Midwest -- ginger ale, or corn, or pretty rocks from the Great Lakes -- I'll be happy to oblige.
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I just received mine in the mail today; email me at the addy in my profile if you'd like another copy....
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