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What Dashboard widgets are worth using?

For the past few years, I've disabled the Mac Dashboard to free up memory. I've now got more RAM than I need and am considering trying to use the Dashboard for pretty much the first time.

So, what widgets do you use?
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I'm a big fan of iStat Pro, Radar in Motion and Delivery Status.
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iCal events, Stickies, this Wikipedia widget, Weather.

Oblique Strategies.

Amazon artwork widget (works with iTunes).

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Huh, the Oblique Strategies widget ("Oblique Widget version 1.1") I use is now missing from the Internet.

This Word of the Day is nice. The others are mostly ugly.

Apple really needs to make the iPhone able to natively run locally stored widgets. They're "web apps" the same way as Pre apps and html/css/etc is probably more suitable for some small tasks than Obj C anyway.
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Weather, Calendar (day of month, click and it shows the month, click and it shows the day's events), Stickies, Deliver Status, Translation, PearLyrics (discontinued, can still be found).
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Add another vote for Delivery Status -- they have a non-free iPhone app too that syncs with your mac that is also nice (but I like the mac version better). Oh and the weather. I think that's it.
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You don't say what computer you have - I have a 24" iMac and a MacBook. I don't use Dashboard on either one - and it's not a memory issue. I simply don't like having to hit a key to bring up the various windows. What I do is use menu applications - you can get iStat menus, weather menus, internet search menus, iCal menus, and a whole bunch of other kinds - I have about twenty on the iMac and about 14 on the MacBook. I like that they are always visible, don't take up any screen real estate, and there are some real time savers: iKey, Butler, aLunch, etc.

Just a tangential suggestion, since you are already used to not having Dashboard activated.
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Heh. yesno, funny you should mention the Oblique Strategies widget—I use it, too, and posted a link to a working download page yesterday here!
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The dictionary and the converter (currency, amounts, distances, etc.--good when you're cooking).
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The pixel ruler!
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iStat Pro is a must. The best weather-type widget I've seen is the Weather Underground one, which has forecast, radar, etc. with little screen real estate. The radio widget is OK, but is missing a few crucial features like being able to play your recommended/neighborhood stations. ColourMod is the best color picker I've ever used, widget or standalone, if you have a need for such things. I also use one that graphs wireless traffic that I can't remember the name of (I'm not on my Mac laptop). Oblique Strategies is also cool, but takes up more screen real estate than it really needs to.
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I like to have our local current radar images. I just went to the Environment Canada page and grabbed it with "Open in Dashboard..."
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3-2-1 (countdown timer)
Screenshot Plus (easier than remembering the key combinations to just get this window, or the whole screen or whatever0
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