Online Chinese study groups?
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Are there any good online Chinese study groups?

I'm a beginner at Chinese looking for an online study group. I want two things out of it: first, a forum for asking and answering questions, comparing translations, etc., with people of my level; and second, a sort of support and encouragement system. (That is, I don't just want a board with a bunch of people on it who know Chinese and are willing to answer my questions, although such forums are undoubtedly extremely useful; with this, though, I want other people who are working on the same things themselves.) It would be optimal if the group used the same materials, did "assignments" at the same time, etc., but that might be too much to ask for. I've seen [this] one for Greek and Latin, and that seems like a pretty good model, but I don't have any particular vision of how the group should be organized. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Chinese-forums is pretty good.
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LiveMocha sounds like what you're looking for. I haven't spent much time going through their online courses, but they definitely have lesson plans that all users are supposed to go through (though on a cursory look it seemed to me that the "corrections" of the homework are not necessarily always accurate).
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With LiveMocha, you answer exercises either by speaking or writing. Supposedly, someone will read/listen to your response and offer advice.

My experience with being an English tutor there for a while is that the quality of the advice ranges from poor to (very occasionally) good. People offering advice get rated, but only the number, not the quality, of their responses. YMMV.

Languageguide could also be useful.
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