How can I come up with some creative phrases using the word "amped"?
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Can you help me find phrases that include the word "amp" or "amped"?

I'm part of the planning team of a one night convention, and we want to call different parts of the event by different phrases. I've done this before with a theme of "Break", and used things like "Tax Break", "Summer Break", "Break a Leg", "Take a Break", and so on. This year the theme is "Amped", and I have nothing better than "Amp it up" (and of course, "These go to eleven.").

If anyone has suggestions of phrases/catch-phrases/quotes using amped/amp, I'd love to hear them. I'd also love to get ideas on how to further generate there such thing as a phrase dictionary out there?

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Guitar amp

Amp meter

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In this 2006 interview with Samuel L. Jackson, he explains the additional footage shot for Snakes on a Plane with the memorable ''Next week, I'm going to shoot some additional footage to amp up the snakedom. Why go PG when you can be R?"
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Can "amp" be part of another word? Because, you know, it's really just a part of "amplifier". Then you can have "breakfast of champions", "happy camper", etc.

And get those motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking thread.
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Lots of stuff at Urban Dictionary. Some of it dirty and some of it made-up, as usual.
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Can "amp" be part of another word? Because, you know, it's really just a part of "amplifier".

That's the way I would use it, but from the thumbnails I've seen, the logo/promo material will be going with Amped, not just amp. That's why I'm really wondering what a suggested idea generating path would be. That link would take things in a fresh direction - I'll be playing around with that for starters.
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Activities and events, huh? Well then that should be easy, especially if you're allowed to creatively cheat. Just embrace the ridiculousness of the word and run with it.

Get Amped Up
Get Amped Down
Amped and Dangerous
Amped the Torpedos
Amped If You Do, Amped If You Don't
Get Ampedextrous
Ampedcillary Activies
Amped Yankees
Amped Farm
Amped. Ampeder. Ampdest.
Amped Colony
Don't Amped Yourself
Ampedificial Intelligence

Hm. Maybe this would be easier when drunk.
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ramped up

The h-Amped-tons? (North-Amped-ton, South-Amped-ton, etc.)
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Lady and the Amp


Amp-a-theater (amphitheater)

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Back with more:


That's Why The Lady is an Amp

Amptown Races (or Amptown Ladies)



All Aboard, Amptrak

I am Un Chien! Ampdalusia!

Right to Bear Amps

A Farewell to Amps
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Public Enemy's "Fight the Power": I'm ready and hyped plus I'm amped / Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps
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In the movie The Tao of Steve, the beta male/tool character Dave talks about how he's so "full on amped" to go on a date with a girl. Dex tells him that he's already "dead in the water."
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Just wanted to let everyone know that we had an event staff meeting two days ago, and we had a great time going over these words. While some of them are a bit over the top :), we will end up using a few of these. Thanks much!
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