Suggestions for Online Support Chat Application
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My company is looking at adding a "chat with tech support online" feature from our support website. I have dug around on the intertubes and found a lot of marketing material, but would like to know if any folks here have experience with implementing that kind of product and are willing to make recommendations.

Our Requirements are fairly simple: It has to be hosted on site (so no external providers), and has to integrate with IIS. Any suggestions?
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I just dug up the link for Activa but then I saw you are looking for self hosted. If you lesson your requirements I have been impressed with these guys. Good luck!
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We use and it should be compatible with IIS

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Is this for internal customers (i.e. staff) or external customers?
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Response by poster: Entirely for External Customers
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Best answer: We use Kayako LiveResponse for this exact scenario. We also use their SupportSuite product. Looking at their System Requirements page it would seem that IIS would work.

We host this ourselves, and while no system is perfect, I have no real complaints about the Kayako products we use.
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Kayako with SupportSuite ++
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